Products and Services
  1. Ethnic Food
    Get a taste of Africa with Fufu, Gari, Pounded Yam, Miondo, Bobolo, Atieke, Chito, Kuta, Kini, Tilapia and Croaker fish. Our Caribbean section offers a selection of beans, Akee, preserves, and plantain from Latin America. A wide selection of canned food including sardines, corned beef, and more.
  2. Exotic Drinks
    Our variety of drinks takes you in a journey from Latin America to Asia with Guanabana, mango, and orange nectar, coconut, and aloe vera juice. From Africa we carry palm drink and a number of ingredients including dried sorrel, baobab flour, syrups, ginger, fennel, and tamarind.
  3. Spices
    If you like the taste of the Caribbean and India, welcome to our spice section for curry powder, pepper, garlic, onion, cinnamon, clover to name a few. Traditional spices from Africa are on our wall baskets mainly from West, Central and East Africa.
  4. Snack
    Need something to grab and go? No problem. We have a selection of Chin-Chin, plantain chips, and a dedicated Frito Lay section. We also carry unique European cookies, gums, and the famous Valda pastille from Senegal. Oh did we mention our peanuts goodies like plain or caramelized snack?
  5. Game Boards
    Ludo is a board game for two to four players, in which the players race their four tokens from start to finish according to dice rolls. Like other cross and circle games, ludo is derived from the Indian game pachisi, but simpler. The game and its variants are popular in many regions including Africa.
  6. Telephone Cards
    Want to call home. Ditch your US carrier roaming charges for simple and pin-less cards designed to call abroad. Make sure you chose the cards specifically targeting your destination for even more savings. Not sure? Recharge your phone electronically in store for clear global calling.
  7. Cosmetics
    Our second line of business is to keep you well outside. How about raw or refined chea butter products for naturally healthy skin. Your hair will look like home with our oils, shampoo and conditioners. Remember to lessen the damages from the element without irritating your skin with our selection of fine lotions.
  8. Money Transfer
    Whether you want to send cash to someone home or initiate direct deposit to your own saving or checking account aboard we offer tailor-made solutions for inexpensive money transfer at great rates. Our financial services also offer airtime recharge to major cellular carriers around the world.